Kumbhalgarh Fort – the invincible wall of India

In my last post we traveled to Kumbhalgarh Fort, experiencing the road that takes us to it. Now I share some glimpses from the fort itself. Interestingly, the name comes from the root word ‘Kumbh’ in Sanskrit, which means ‘clay pot’; because of its architectural style (see featured image from last blog how it looks from a distance, that clay-pot structure which is supporting these walls). Just to refresh your memory, this fort never fell to any of the attackers & hosts the longest wall in India (second only to China’s wall).

Imagine the challenges of construction, centuries ago, when this was built & the world outside of India still see its people as snake charmers.

Its not just its walls that takes the breath away, but also the art that it carries in its womb & the culture it boasts of.



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