Road to Kumbhalgarh Fort

Sitting in the lap of Western Aravalli Hills, it is a World Heritage Site & was built in 15th century. It is the proud birthplace of one India’s most famous Emperors of all time “Maharana Pratap”. With 38 kms, its wall is Longest in India & second only to the Great Wall of China. About the pictures:

Glimpses from  my car – from Highway to country side hill roads


The Sleeping Man – Descendant of the loyals to Maharana Pratap, who took an oath to not sleep under a roof till the time battle is won against the Mughals, still honor it (since his majesty was martyred before the war concluded)

The Sitting Man – just out of performance by a local group of ‘Nat’. They travel across remote villages & provide a means of entertainment to the ones who are not yet fully hooked on to modern forms like Cinema Halls & Operas.dsc00399

A few more




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