Where History still lives itself

Probably need more synonyms to Amazing to describe places like this. I will not go on to describe why, but will surely highlight on tips for an enjoyable visit:
1 – Do take a guide. Sometimes domestic travelers tend to think that they know it all, but let me assure you, it will be worth it, you won’t be able to admire its rich heritage otherwise (its just an building without it’s stories)
2 – Pay for the camera & take it inside, low fees & worth it
3 – There is a free cloak room, use it
4 – There is free cold-filtered water, you can refill your bottles
5 – Do not rush, spend time in observing the details, it’s not a good idea to cover too many places with little time to spend. Rajasthan has zillions of stories to tell
6 – I would recommend that you do this in the morning itself & then visit Jagdish Temple when you come out. You may head to other spots afterwards
7 – If you are a fan of Indian Tea, sip one from the stalls outside & make sure you ask him to pour less sugar & make it strong.



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