Dutch X-mas Market: Valkenburg’s Fluweelengrot Caves

X-mas markets are a bit hyped in this part of the hemisphere with Germany taking away the top place. I visited the (which I thought would be a unique experience) Valkenburg’s Velvet Caves (there are two of them, the other one being Gemeente Caves) but why was it no so impressive?
1 – Costly, pay 7 Euros to enter & still the toilets are not free
2 – Long Queues first for tickets & then for entry (better buy online)
3 – They do not look like caves at all, just rock cuts in a small hill
4 – Very expensive market selling usual stuff at higher rates
5 – Nothing else around to do but spend more on so called fine-dine restaurants

Despite that, some +points:
1 – Wall paintings are good
2 – Decor in the market was not disappointing
3 – Wheelchair accessible
4 – Town well connected by train

I got bored & left before the parade start time. Here are a few clicks



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