Minack Theatre, Cornwall to Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Bali

Let’s cook a dish eaten in Cornwall (England) & Bali (Indonesia) in their own Flavors


A magical construction hosting an amazing theatrical performance with Ocean in the backdrop.


  Unprecedented imagination, grand idea, the execution of that idea, the creation, the maintenance & the artists, their efforts, the scripts & the audience. Mixed to perfection.


Imagine a theater right on the edge of (a cliff?) with Ocean in the Background. Strong speaker systems in place with amazing lighting system making sure that the Sun sets at just the right angle in accordance with the script. Now watch a performance, with an amazing set of artists, occasionally take a view of the theater & the lights arrangement & notice the setting sun.

Buy your Ingredients

Entry fees – are nominal & are worth it.
Suggestions – Minack Theatre Next to Porthcurno Beach, go downstairs and enjoy your time. Another option is Telegraph museum.
Pura Uluwatu is next to the famous Monkey Forest (deserves a visit) but the temple sanctum is not open to non-Balinese people, like all other Bali Temples.


Best served at Sunset on preferably warmer/sunny days, do check the wind speed before you plan.
Parking – not a problem
Toilets – not a problem (in Bali)
Additional parking in Cornwall – just before you arrive there, park at the bigger parking next to the Telegraph museum and that also leads to the beach.
Minack’s Cafeteria – is ok
Pura Uluwatu – wearing Sarong is must, that will help you when sun is too bright. Carry own water bottles, sunscreen, hat, sunshades & a hand-fan.

How does it Taste

@Minack – Drama, Musicals & Opera; in English. Store away from Rainy/Windy weather
@Uluwatu – story from the great Hindu Epic Ramayana, served in sizzling sunshine.

Finding the Grocery store to buy the Ingredients

Minack Theater, Cornwall (England) – Drive but take a note of the narrow & steep Cornish roads. You may have to stop several times to yield to the oncoming traffic. Prefer an automatic one, if you are new to left side driving.
Pura Uluwatu, Bali (Indonesia) – prefer taking a taxi & guide. I suggest to avoid Uber (there is a tussle with local operators & Uber taxis are not allowed in certain areas/parking lots)


@Uluwatu – its called Kecak & Fire Dance (a part of Balinese culture & religion) – take the last row for an amazing view, no need to rush for a closer look as there are hardly any dialogues in between (humming sounds only). Do no expect ‘a lot of Fire’ its very little & only for a little while but the artists are amazing, adding a pinch of comedy to keep the audience engaged & happily posing for some great clicks once the show is over.


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