India’s most haunted place – Bhangarh

Rumor has it that in India this is the only place which is officially declared as Haunted. Well, rumors are only as good as your belief. I decided to take a look myself.

Getting there (via Ajabgarh, another haunted attraction)

I chose the month of September, when it starts to cool off post Monsoon. A bad month for roads because the repair work starts in October but then sun starts to set a bit early.
Take western peripheral or exit on west from Sariska, you will go to Bhangarh via Ajabgarh. This fort is easily visible from the road and is built on a hill. Stories do not haunt this fort as much as they do Bhangarh. The village that follows is much much more spooky that either of the forts. It appears deserted with some abandoned houses & some unlocked ones but hardly any soul visible.

Return journey

The road is pathetic on eastern side after monsoons, so I recommend that you take the Alway Highway via Rajgarh when you return (that’s east of Sariska). Avoid West direction (nearly deserted even in daytime) on your post-sunset journey.

Inside the Fort

1. Some parts of the fort, despite being exposed to sunlight, felt extremely damp
2. Strange and pungent smell in some areas. I don’t think it was weed but can be anything
3. Hanuman temple is built at the gates and Bhaumiyan God’s temple in the fort to ward of evil spirits. Daily rituals are performed to keep the spirits within the gates
4. The Shiva temple inside is locked. You can feel a strange vibe even from outside.
5. Fort was once 7 story high, 5 of which are now sunken and some parts of the fort get sunlight only at certain times of the year. It is forbidden to attempt to enter those underground floors. A daring guide once tried to map them a few years ago but failed to do so (as he claims). He was lost and managed to come out after several hours without a clue of the route he took. Sunlight hasn’t reached there in centuries.
6. Premises are forcefully evacuated before sunset & staying any longer is a punishable crime.
7. The small gathering & vendors on the main road leave after 5 & the place is deserted as the darkness starts to fall. You do not want to be there to see it. We were among the few last ones to leave & my heartbeat must have been well above 100 then.

Word of caution

  • People (even on the way) tell that there are ‘other forces’ active there
  • Do not carry any eatables that are white in color, throw them or eat them beforehand
  • Not all parts are open to public.
  • You can read its history online, so I am just sharing my experience here.


I am not saying/claiming that it is actually haunted, but I got a feel of thrill that I was seeking


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