Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park – Bali

Life size statues, Expenses & Experiences

I clearly remember that I haven’t ever reviewed a place where I would like start by saying that it is good & it is expensive (both). Generally, the expensive ones turned out to the worth it, or not, but this one hangs in the middle somewhere.
Generally, for prepaid & packaged trips to Bali, this park is not covered in the package. So, if you have read about it, you might want to explore it on your own. We (me & wifey) rented a Scoopy (a hybrid scooter-bike) to visit off-beat locations like this. Its entrance is grand, not just at the gates but even inside the park. It is a beautiful road that leads to the main park, has statues on both sides of the road which end with some catchy structures on the right side as you enter the parking lot.
Parking fee is nominal but entrance to the park is costly if you opt for Visit only ticket. So we clubbed it with meal-for-two & it came out to be a good combo in that way (approx. 1,25,000 IDR per person)
The park might look a little monotonous to some people. It houses a couple of great life size statues of Lord Vishnu & his vehicle, the God of birds Garud (both from Hindu mythology), apart from smaller other statues. Story of Garud is carved in stone right past the entrance.
It is serene & beautiful inside. To visit the Wisnu temple, you need to wear the Sarong like other Bali temples. They have a parade a few times everyday, very hyped but lacks luster. I did not visit the theater though as I had seen their traditional dances elsewhere.

They have 3 restaurants in the park & we visited one of them (Jendala Bali, the one outside of the main entrance). Great food, & an amazing view with cool ambiance & courteous staff (their Duck is amazing).
No need to spend much time & if you are short of time, skip this without second thoughts. No need to stick around for parade also. Enjoy other shows, they are good. Parade artists beg for tips, the choice is yours.


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