The Mighty Empire

Washington D.C. :: Prez. Obama’s Re-election day

This was the onset of my first winters in the national capital of the most powerful nation
on the planet and I was witnessing the rapture among people on re-electing
their first ever Black President. The clamor on the streets of District is
nowhere comparable to the hustle bustle of Manhattan streets or in London
tubes. It was the biggest congregation there; I have had a chance to witness.
The optimism, nick-named as Obamania, was profoundly visible. Thousands of
people – all cheered-up, hopeful and literally dancing on the streets – that
too for a politician, touched my heart so deep that I decided to become a part of it. Smile is contagious as they say & my immune system happily
surrendered to the invasion of ecstasy. People were wearing t-shirts, hats,
goggles, backpacks, holding bottles and placards, all unanimously shouting
Obama…Obama… & deep inside my heart I was left perplexed – will I be able
to witness a day like this on the streets of Delhi!

Perhaps one day; but certainly the optimism on 2014 Loksabha elections in India reminded me of those days (& the reason why I decided to sit down and write this article). Washington D.C. was carved out of Virginia and Maryland (each of whom ceded
land) and then declared as the capital in 1790, ahead of Philadelphia
(Pennsylvania) and Alexandria (Virginia). The capital, lovingly called as the
District, has a charisma to justify its status as the most ‘spied’ cities in
the world. It is said that on any given day, the city is observed by the x-ray
visions of the top notch Spies in the world, infamously exceeding the number
compared to any other city on Earth. After 8 months there, the brick walls of
US Capitol and the White House precipitously started to exude magnetism &
kept drawing me towards them. I listened to the call and decided to take a trip
to the US Capitol, the Parliament.


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